Tupperware and Me:

I was invited to a Tupperware party and liked it so much, I decided to join the company. My proudest achievement so far is receiving the Connie. This year, I qualified for a lovely recognition trip to St. Petersburg. Next year, I hope to qualify for the trip to Rome. Tupperware gives me the opportunity to earn money and travel a lot. I was born in the wonderful city of Kharkiv and I still live here. I love to cook, travel and spend free time with my family.

Do not make harm – it might return to you. Do not spit into the well – you might drink water out of it. Do not offend those who are lower than you – you might ask them a favor one day. (Omar Khayyam)

My Culinary Stars Recipe: Sunday "Loris"


Why I chose this Recipe:

My family and I like this recipe very much because it’s delicious but also gives me more time to spend with them. The whole recipe only takes 30 minutes from start to finish!