Tupperware and Me:

I can clearly recall my mother’s first Tupperware product.
It was a serving bowl for roasted chicken that we used all the time. So, I guess I’ve always had a strong passion for the products. Since joining Tupperware, it’s been like a second family to me. I feel loved and respected. I feel confident. In a nutshell, Tupperware has changed my life and it’s helped me remain true to my roots. I’ve loved cooking since I was a child and it’s always been a mode of creative expression.
So, for me, this is a way to combine my passions: Tupperware and cooking!

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My Culinary Stars Recipe: Stuffed chicken with mint and halloumi

Stuffed chicken with mint and halloumi

Why I chose this Recipe:

It combines local ingredients like halloumi cheese, olive oil, mint and bulgur. Based on a traditional family recipe, I gave it a more international flair.