Tupperware and Me:

My original plan was to try Tupperware for 13 weeks. Well, five years later, I’m still with the company and loving every minute of it. I became Unit Manager several years ago and ever since my group and my ambitions have been growing. Without Tupperware, I would never have become so confident or met so many hosts and customers who have become close friends. I never imagined that I could be as successful with Tupperware as I am in my profession as a nurse. Cooking is my passion. And according to my husband and our friends, I must be good at it: they like what I cook!

If you succeed once, it may be a coincidence. If you succeed twice, it may be luck. If you succeed thrice, it is hard work and competence.

My Culinary Stars Recipe: Marinated scampi with carrots and fennel

Marinated scampi with carrots and fennel

Why I chose this Recipe:

First I thought of what I personally love to eat. Then I tried combinations of ingredients that are special. And a new recipe was born.