Tupperware and Me:

After Big Weeks in 2011 I had to help with all the practical at the hostess meeting. I was enticed by the positive and happy atmosphere. There was a challenge with the possibility of winning a trip to a Shakira concert in Belgium. So I said yes to try the job. I didn’t win the trip but it was as if a new world opened up for me. Already 3 months later I became Team Leader and after a half year, I started working fulltime with Tupperware. It is now 5 and a half year since and I have never regretted my decision. Tupperware has given me lots of new experiences and many friends, both colleagues and hostesses. I love to travel and Tupperware takes travelling to the next level. There’s always more in Tupperware. For me Tupperware means quality, design and development (development of people and products).

Tupperware makes life easier.

My Culinary Stars Recipe: Avocado-rucola salad with salmon and cream cheese

Avocado-rucola salad with salmon and cream cheese

Why I chose this Recipe:

It contains many of my favourite ingredients. It is also a good recipe to use at a demonstration as you can use many different products. That is something the guests loves.