Tupperware and Me:

By night, I work in pediatrics at a local hospital. By day, as a Tupperware team leader, I find the recognition and had
promotions which I haven’t had at the hospital. I’ve even won a car! I’ve met amazing people and created great friendships.
At first, I didn’t really enjoy cooking and I was definitely not a sales person. Today I love talking about Tupperware, the products, my job and recipes. I love cooking healthy, quick and savory recipes for my family and friends!

The secret to happiness is to do what you love. The secret for success is to love what you do.

My Culinary Stars Recipe: Spicy chicken roll on a bed of vegetables

Spicy chicken roll on a bed of vegetables

Why I chose this Recipe:

I wanted to create something original and beautifully balanced with meat, vegetable and starch that was also tasty, affordable and easy to make.