Tupperware and Me:

I learned about Tupperware from my mother. One day, I saw a bright Tupperware banner and decided to go for it myself! My mother-manager helped me hold my first home parties. I eventually became a manager and received the “Gold Connie” just last year. With Tupperware, I’ve traveled a lot through Russia and Kazakhstan and visited Belgium, Germany and the US. I am a happy wife and a mother of three wonderful children. My goals are to travel to South Africa on a safari, become Team Leader of the Year and to
win a car! In the meantime, I like to read and try new recipes.

Veni, vidi, vici...

My Culinary Stars Recipe: Eastern roll

Eastern roll

Why I chose this Recipe:

This is nourishing and easy to prepare and will please a wide variety of palates. It’s one of my family’s favorites!