Welcome To The Official Tupperware European Cooking Competition.

This is your unique opportunity to express your creativity, and reveal YOUR inner cooking talent.

2 Days in the City of Love (and Gourmet Food)!

Spend 2 exceptional days at magical and prestigious places in Paris.

Each European country winner of the Culinary Stars 2018 will be invited to Paris on the 30th-31st October 2018. This is your unique opportunity to share your passion for cooking and your “star” appetizers.

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2 Unforgettable Days in Paris

Get treated like a star from the beginning to the end!

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Participate in a Cooking Session

At the famous and prestigious ‘International Ferrandi Paris School’.

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Your Appetizers at Every Party!

In February 2019, your appetizers will be the stars of every party!

How To Join The Competition


To participate in the competition, your submission must meet the following conditions:

  • Create 3 different, high-end savory appetizer pieces, in 6 exemplars (finger foods, appetizers served in shot glasses or small portions served in tiny appetizer bowls…etc.)
  • Your 3 appetizers should have a common link between them – a theme or a story. (E.g. Spanish Delights, seafood, sweet and sour…etc. Be creative!)
  • Your 3 recipes should have a total time of one hour, from entering the kitchen to serving the dish.
  • In your recipes, you must use at least 1 of the Culinary Glorious 10 Products.

When possible, avoid using ingredients that are too local.



  • Give a name to both your individual appetizers and your collection of appetizers (e.g. Seaside Delights, Black & White…etc.)
  • Keep your recipe text to less than 1500 characters including spaces, and 54 characters for the title. This does not include the ingredients list and preparation/cooking time information.



  • Once your appetizers are prepared and ready, take a picture of all 3 of them together, along with your Culinary Stars 2018 bracelet next to them.


WHO Can Participate

Tupperware Culinary Stars is an internal competition for Team Leaders who have achieved great career successes at Tupperware.

Regional and national competitions will be held in each country to choose the winner from each country.

Please get in touch with your local distributor for more information.



The TUPPERWARE products that you SHOULD USE

A minimum 1 of the 10 products should be used in your recipes.

  • MandoChef
  • FusionMaster System
  • Micro Urban
  • ExtraChef
  • SpeedyChef
  • MicroCook pitcher
  • MicroPro Grill
  • Herb Chopper
  • Ravioli Maker
  • Foldable Dumpling
  • Silicone Baking Forms



Dates to remember:

  • MAY: Prepare your recipes and submit them to your Distributor
  • JUNE: 10th June 2018 = last day to submit your recipes to your Distributor
  • AUGUST Jubilee 2018: Country Winner’s will be announced on stage.



 *In order to take part in the final of the competition, winners of the national selection events will be required to transfer the publication rights for their recipe to Tupperware, as well as rights to their personal image. More details are available on request and full information will be provided to each winner.