Tupperware Presents Our

European Culinary Competition


3 Rewards for the Culinary Stars

On October 2017, all European Tupperware Culinary Stars will meet for a special event in the capital of Gastronomy, Paris. Among the many surprises in store for them, here is what they can expect:


2 unforgettable days in Paris

with the 25 Culinary Stars and Tupperware staff.


A Cooking Session

in a prestigious cooking school to reproduce the winning recipes and get tips from our Chef.


An Exclusive Cookbook

featuring all the winning recipes as well as the biographies of our Culinary stars.

Culinary Stars Rules

  • Cook one original dessert, with four to six servings.
  • The recipe needs to be ready within one hour, from entering the kitchen to serving.
  • Use the best Tupperware®  kitchen solutions to make life easier.


Who Can Participate

Tupperware Culinary Stars is an internal competition for Unit Managers who have achieved great career successes at Tupperware.

Regional and national competitions will be held in each country to choose the winner from each country.


Get in touch with your local distributor to join the competition!


 *In order to take part in the final of the competition, winners of the national selection events will be required to transfer the publication rights for their recipe to Tupperware, as well as rights to their personal image. More details are available on request and full information will be provided to each winner.