Your Cooking Contest!

This is a unique occasion to let your creativity express itself 
and so that YOUR TALENT is finally revealed in the open.

2 Days in Paris!

Come to spend 2 exceptional days in Paris in magical and prestigious places!

The 30th and 31st of October 2018,
the country winner of the Culinary Stars 2018 Contest will be invited to Paris together with the other European winners.
This will be a unique occasion for the winner to share her/his passion for cooking and her/his “star” appetizers.

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2 unforgettable days in Paris

You will be treated as real stars from the beginning to the end!

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A Cooking Session

at the prestigious and famous International Ferrandi Paris School

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Your appetizers in every party!

Your appetizers will be the stars of every party taking place in February 2019

How to participate?


To participate to THE CONTEST, your creation has to follow the conditions below:

  • Create 3 different high end savoury pieces of appetizers each in 6 exemplars (finger foods, appetizers served in shot glasses or small portions served in tiny appetizer bowls…)
  • The 3 appetizers should have a link between them (a theme or a story – Spanish delights, sea food, sweet and sour…Be creative!)
  • Your three recipes should be all done in total one hour from entering the kitchen to serving.
  • In your recipes, you should use:
    • Any product from Spring-Summer Catalogue 2018
    • Our region’s Glorious winner product – the Herb Chopper, at least in one of your recipe


Avoid too typical local ingredients as much as possible.



  • Name each of your appetizers and give also a name for the three together (e.g. : Delights from the Seaside, Black and white…).
  • The text of your recipes should not exceed 1500 characters including spaces for the text and 54 characters for the title (not including ingredients list and preparation/cooking time).



  • Once you have prepared your appetizers, take a picture of all three of them together with your Culinary Stars 2018 bracelet next to it.


WHO Can Participate

Tupperware Culinary Stars is an internal competition for Unit Managers who have achieved great career successes at Tupperware.

Regional and national competitions will be held in each country to choose the winner from each country.

Please get in touch with your local distributor for more information.



  • MAY: Prepare your recipes and transmit it online or to your Distributor. A surprise is waiting for you.
    • 31/05/2018: Last day to transmit your recipes online or to your Distributor.
  • JULY: 30/07/2018 Discover who is the winner of your distributorship.
  • SEPTEMBER: Jubilee 2018: Announcement of the Country winner on stage.



 *In order to take part in the final of the competition, winners of the national selection events will be required to transfer the publication rights for their recipe to Tupperware, as well as rights to their personal image. More details are available on request and full information will be provided to each winner.